HCG Drops – the truth

The HCG diet can be a harmful one. Perhaps the first red flag should be the fact that these drops or injections come from a hormone that is emitted by the urine of pregnant women. It is alarming to hear weight loss can be feigned by these drastic and unsafe methods, but it’s true. The FDA does not condone this method due to the sheer fact that there is no proof this method works to reduce weight. The hormone, called human chorionic gonadotrophin, are not only ineffective, but the died requires that a dangerously low-calorie intake is required when using this drug. To further expand upon the meaning of low-calorie, some of the diets even require as low an intake as 500 calories a day.

            The hormone supposedly is expected to stabilize metabolism and suppress appetite. The calim is that up to 30 pounds can be lost on this diet. This hormone has been approved for some fertility treatments, but certainly not for weight loss. The hormone is purely a hoax and has been marketed as a magic pill. The weightloss certainly comes from the dangerously low 500 calorie intake requirement and definitely not from the hormone itself.

This hormone has been used since the 1950s as a weight loss supplement. It supposedly alerts the brain to produce fat burning hormones in the pituitary gland. Some of the side effects of this diet include nausea and constipation. People choose to ingest HCG by injection or orally. On the Doctor Oz Show, for example, and handful of people swear by this diet, and a handful don’t. Many doctors are prescribing this hormone with dangerously low diets. The idea behind the weightloss and the allowing of such low diets to be consumed by their patients is that the diet allows for fat cells to be consumed while the appetite is suppressed. A typical diet would include coffee for breakfast, with no sugar or creamer, an apple as a snack, a piece of chicken and a lettuce leaf, a bowl of berries snack, and some protein and a vegetable for dinner. The average weight loss would be about a poud a day and in total about 4o pouds in 40 days. To some people, this diet works like a charm, to others, it is a recipe for disaster. Dr. Oz noted that he was amazed by it because so much medical dogma can cloud thinking when reports of people who saw results from the diet were increasing everday. Overall, it is a personal choice but diets should really be regulately in a healthy and sustainable manner. The low calorie intake is justified by the excess fat cells that will be used from the person’s body to sufficiently feed them for the day. Although most doctor’s don’t recommend this low of an intake, this diet does require this regime. It is quite obvious the the HCG is probably more helpful in suppressing appetite so that one does not consume much more food than the 500 calories, which must account for the bulk of the weight loss.