Is the ACE family broke? Home eviction drama worsens as Austin McBroom reportedly set to sell house amid foreclosure and pending mortgage payments



The ACE family saga continues, this time with Austin McBroom reportedly set to sell his $ 7 million home. This comes after his previous July 7 statement stating that no one was “deported.” [or] moving.”

The original rumors that the ACE family’s home in Encino, Calif. Was at the start of the lockdown came from anonymous screenshots posted on Twitter.

Those screenshots included alleged court documents showing the house was foreclosed on due to missed mortgage payments. There was also a screenshot of the ACE family home listed on Zillow tagged as “pre-foreclosure”.

Currently, a screenshot of the ACE family’s alleged home payment history is circulating on Twitter. It shows the value of the house, the amount of the loan allegedly taken out for the property, and the mortgage transaction history.

The online document also states that the property listed under Ace Hat Collection Inc. property is in foreclosure.

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Austin McBroom and the ACE Family Legal Problems

The alleged seizure of the ACE family home is the latest speculation to emerge since the Austin McBroom boxing event on June 12. The event pitted YouTubers against TikTokers in boxing matches.

Shortly after the event, various talent and boxers Vinnie Hacker and Josh Richards claimed they had not been paid by the company that hosted the event. Austin McBroom was later revealed to own the company Social Gloves Entertainment, which hosted the event.

Before declaring that financial advisers were working to compensate everyone who participated, rumors began to circulate that the company was declaring bankruptcy.

Tana Mongeau also called out Austin McBroom’s involvement for explaining why the talent was not paid.

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The patriarch of the ACE family responded to Mongeau’s request by proposing that Social Gloves would sponsor any woman who wanted to fight it.

Austin McBroom’s company Ace Hat Collection Inc. is also reportedly sued by social media company Subify and construction rental company Ahern Rentals.

A suspected arrest of the 29-year-old in July 2020 and alleged back-to-back taxes and liens on the $ 7 million house were also recently uncovered.

Public records show the ACE family’s alleged privileges over their Encino home for overdue contractors. The family are said to have broken the terms of their mortgage by also taking out a million dollar loan.

Other public documents uncovered allegedly showed the ACE family failed to honor their mortgage payments. As more and more suspected documents surface on Twitter, many users believe the family is penniless.

Netizens began to speculate if Austin McBroom and the ACE family would post a video on their YouTube channel about the situation. Many said they would not provide information, but mentioned that they would be moving.

Since other alleged documents have surfaced, neither Catherine nor Austin McBroom have commented on their financial situation.

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